The 13th Edinburgh Company

The current 13th Edinburgh Company (formerly 1st Corstorphine) was founded on 5th March 1928, and is connected with Corstorphine Old Parish Church. It became the 13th when it joined the Edinburgh Battalion in 1932, although it had been affiliated to the Battalion from 1928. It was the sixth Company in the Battalion to use the number 13.

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It was not, however, the first Company in Corstorphine. A previous Corstorphine Company was connected with Corstorphine U.F.Church, later called St Ninian's, enrolled November 1902. It lasted till 1906, having had difficulty in finding a suitable Captain to replace J.T.McGeachy who was leaving the district.

The present 13th Company
was started in 1928 by
Mr Francis G.H.Cowie, S.S.C.
who became secretary of the Legal Aid Committee,
and was awarded the O.B.E.

The Company in 1929.
Capt. Francis G.H. Cowie in the centre.

On four occasions, no fewer than three Boys have, received the Queen's Badge in the same year, in one of these, 1966, when the roll of the Company had fallen to fifteen. In 1979 a disabled Boy gained the President's Badge for his courage and determination despite infirmity.

Though the Company has not won the battalion drill cup it has regularly been in the 1st Division competition. Over the years the Company has been successful in B.B. Top of the Form competitions, in table tennis, highland dancing, scripture knowledge and in social work.

Presentation of Table to the
Kirk Care Sheltered Housing 1983.

To commemorate the Brigade centenary, a table was presented to the Kirk Care Sheltered Housing complex at Corstorphine, made possible by sales of books collected by the Boys. 


To mark the centenary all members in the Company were also presented with a specially commissioned 13th Edinburgh Company buttonhole badge.

13th Edinburgh
1983 Badge

The Company has been active at local neighbourhood exhibitions and in 1984 a trophy was given by the Tall Oaks Youth Club for annual presentation to the Boy who had done most for the community.

There have been four attempts at running a Company magazine, the first by W.D.Brown who became Captain of the neighbouring 2nd (Carrick Knowe) Company, and who is now the minister of Murrayfield Church, Edinburgh. Another attempt to run a Magazine was by Pte John Swinney, now leader of the SNP. Despite reported interviews with personalities - including a government minister - lack of contributions brought about its demise.  To see the Special Edition 75th Anniversary Magazine Click HERE.

The Company started a Life Boys section in 1934.  Under national re-organisation this became the Junior Section in 1966.  Our Anchor Boy Section started in 1983.

The 13th Life Boys' Session 1948/49.

Our four Main Company trophies are:-

The Tall Oaks
Community Shield

Presented to the Company in 1984 by Tall Oaks Youth Club and awarded for service to the community

For a list of
winners click

The Junior Section Prentice Cup

Presented to the 13th Edinburgh Life Boy Team in Memory of L/Cpl. H.C. Prentice, M.M. Leader from the initiation in 1935 to 1944. This is presented to the best Junior Section Boy

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winners click

The Junior Section Best Group Shield

In Memory of D. C. Macnab (1937-2004) Boy, Leader, Officer in charge of Junior Section & Company Captain, this is presented to the Junior Section Best Group

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winners click

The Company Section
Squad Shield

Presented to 13th Coy. May 1967, this is Presented to the Best Company Section Squad

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winners click

The Cowie Cup

Presented to the Company in 1978 by our Founding Captain F.G.H. Cowie, be awarded to the Best All Round Boy in the Company Section

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winners click

The company have camped since the early years and since 1963 we have camped jointly with the 50th Edinburgh Company, (St. Michael's, Slateford Road)

Summer Camp

Both companies have also had representatives at most of if not all the International camps over the last 50 years. In 1986 for the Edinburgh Battalion Centenary, and the Centenary of Camping in the Boys’ Brigade, we took a joint 13th/50th Camp to Neenha-Menasha, USA, to visit the Brigade there. For a list of our joint camp venues click HERE.

The company had a successful Bugle Band in the 1980's winning the Battalion Bugle Band Trophy in 1982.  We have also had Battalion Solo Piping and Drumming champions, and they have represented the company at Battalion shows and displays and have Beat the Retreat on Edinburgh Castle Esplanade.

Officers have been prominent in Battalion affairs including Lieutenant K.Swinney for 25 years honorary secretary of the Edinburgh West District and Lieutenant D.C.Macnab as honorary Battalion secretary from 1978, Battalion Vice President from 1988-1998 and again as secretary on the formation of the New Battalion (Edinburgh, Leith and District Battallion) in 1998. An ex-member, Assistant Chief Constable I.A.Hood, served at the Scottish Police College as deputy commandant.  Another prominent ex-member is John Swinney, now leader of the SNP.

For a list of the Captains from 1928 - present click HERE.

The Company has a full and varied programme and we endeavour to help each and every member achieve a path to his President’s and Queen’s Badges. Our programme offers everything needed to firstly achieve all the main badges

Interests &

To do this we have pursued the following topics in recent years :-


Discovery &


Christian Faith &


Crime Prevention,
Fire Prevention,
First Aid,
Road Safety &
Personal Safety


Drill &


Physical Recreation &


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