Company & Senior Sections


The Company Section is for boys in Primary 7 up to age 15.

Boys in their early teens are usually looking to define themselves as individuals - and this in a world that often tries to force them into a mould. For many this is a key age where habits and life styles are formed; these can be ones that are socially acceptable or those that can lead to major problems in later life. Early teen years are difficult. How can you be an individual with your own interests, likes and personality while keeping up in today's ever changing fashions and retaining an identity with the group? It is a conflict which often leads to the confusions associated with adolescence. Essentially, it is the job of officers and staff working in this section to give boys a secure base, and to recognise them as valuable individuals. This is something that they may not get elsewhere in family, school or society.

The Company Section allows individuals to take part in the activities and the decisions. A chance to make ones own point, a chance also to remain one of a group. A chance to build friendships, a chance to make mistakes that will not be thrown back at them. Brigade awards provide incentive and ensure progression at a rate suitable to age and growing physical strength; there are leadership opportunities to release abundant energies in purposeful ways.



The Seniors are for young men aged 15 to 18 years of age.

The late teens are a time when so many "drop out". They will leave other organisations, their church group or club. This can be for many reasons - peer group pressures, a desire to "be their own man" or even a feeling that activities are no longer acceptable for a person of their age. Equally, it is a time when so many new experiences have to be faced, college or work, or indeed being out of work. Relationships with parents change, relationships with girls start or stop. This is a time when the availability of a listening ear at a time of their own choosing is possibly their most important need. Where in today's bustling world can this be found?

He is a young adult.

* Where can he be given responsibility?

* Where can challenges be offered?

* Where can he achieve recognition?






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